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my scrapbooking area

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Hi everyone! I am in the process of building/organizing my scrapbooking area. It will be a corner of my laundry room. I'm posting pictures of my early progress; if anyone has ideas about how to develop this (obviously very raw) space, feel free to share them!

My burgeoning scrapbooking area, circa 09-13-05. The desk just came down here the other day (I still have to bring the drawers down!). OJ took the doors off the white cabinets hanging on the wall to the right; I am going to use them as shelves. I am also going to use the tan shelf units (there is another one out of sight to the right) for small items. The clean laundry piled on top is temporary and will be folded and put away :). The dirty laundry hamper in the corner doesn't have another home yet, so there it stays. I also want to do a pegboard system on the wall.

More of my burgeoning scrapbooking area. There is the second tan shelf inut. The view here is under our stairs, so I don't have a lot of height to work with...I'm thinking of building some sort of cubby system of shelves for all my supplies. Those are my two Creative Memories bags sitting there :). I also plan on taking the flower sheet down.
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