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Scrapbookers in Chicago

let's get those memories scrapped together!

Scrapbookers in Chicagoland!
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This community was formed for Chicagoans who enjoy (or are interested in) scrapbooking. Community maintaner is ilwitchgrrl; I have been a Creative Memories consultant for a couple years and have been scrapbooking for about six years. I host crops on occasion and would like to branch out and meet more scrapbookers!

What this community is for:
*talking about your personal scrapbooking
*talking about scrapbooking events in the area that you'd like to invite other local scrappers to
*scrapbooking swaps!
*basically anything scrapbook-related. I hope we are able to get some meetings and crops going as well!

What this community is not for:
*promoting your own community (unless it has something to do with scrapbooking!)
*off-topic posts
Please avoid these things and we'll get along just fine! (Basically as long as everyone just plays nice in the sandbox, I'm happy! If you have a specific complaint or question about something in the community, please email me.)

In the near future I hope to start a website for scrapbooking in Chicago as well, and also start up a scrapbooking newsletter (newsletter will be focused on my Creative Memories business; the website and this community are not, though I will probably mention it from time to time.)

That's it for now! If you know someone who might be interested in this community, please send them to it. Thanks for joining!