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vintage scrapbook

My mother shared something with me today - apparently she's seen this album before and has been trying to get it from my father's sister (who is not very sentimental and probably wouldn't save it) for months so we can make preserved copies of it. My aunt finally sent it to us and this is the first time I'm seeing it.

It is an album that my grandfather (my father's father) made...we don't really know how old it is, but my grandpa died in 1982, and I'm sure he made this when he was much, much younger...most of the pictures seem to be from the 1920's.

Finding things like this reminds me of why I scrapbook...because memories like this are precious to me, and because someday I hope my grandchildren will be going through my books to look at their aunts and uncles and old family friends and sharing all of the memories of a life long past; because I personally treasure knowing where I come from, and I want those memories to be available to any of my family members who feel the same.

His intro page has a sticker of the two-faced Janus (I didn't scan that, but he even has a sticker in his book!) and it reads: Dedicated to Janus from whom we get the name of January. With two faces he was able to look forward and backward. We can look backward but the future is almost a total blank. Herein contained are snapshots dating back to the middle of summer 1924. If this be the past, what be the future!?!?

I didn't scan all the pics, but here are a couple highlights:

this was toward the front...I found it interesting that he varied the layout of the pics AND did some cropping...I think he might have some of the years wrong though?

cropping AND journaling!

(note the hand-drawn zeppelin with our family name on it)

this page cracks us up!

in case it's hard to tell in the scan, he took a large photo for background and then cut out a bunch of silhouttes of the family and placed them on the larger picture.

I just thought it was amazing that he employed a lot of the same scrapbook techniques we're using today...I know scrapbooking has been around for a long time, but at 5-6 years of scrapping it's still a relatively NEW art to me, and this is the first really OLD scrapbook I've ever seen. To have it come from my own family is truly a blessing!
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