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Clean Line Scrapbooking

I personally think that maybe ONE accent or technique keeps a LO from looking too plain. But I am not a fan of the "Let's throw everything but th ekitchen sink at theis page" style I see so often now.

Tutor Tips - A Scrapbooking Ezine

January 26, 2005
Issue # 93

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Clean-Line Scrapbooking
by Lindsay Teague

If there was ever an art form that didn’t get enough recognition, it would be the art of clean-line scrapbooking. I see it all the time…people feel like they need to add an abundance of embellishments or new techniques to their pages so that others will be wowed by their creations. This is simply not true! Many accredited artists like Faye Morrow Bell, Cathy Zielske, and Becky Higgins from Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks magazines have made quite a name for themselves in this industry by adopting the clean style. Oftentimes, when flipping through the latest magazine or idea book, it is the clean and simple pages that will grab my attention and spark my creativity. I have such a respect for those that can keep it simple and yet still so unique.

Make it a goal for yourself to put away that paint, ink and modeling paste and try going back to the basics. I think you’ll be amazed by how much your audience will get out of your page. The picture will be more visible without the distraction of large embellishments and your journaling will be more prominent due to the amount of space you have freed for it. As an added bonus, it just might take you half the time!

If you’re having a hard time letting go of that sandpaper, here are a few tips to get you motivated:

* Set out one piece of patterned paper, two pieces of coordinating cardstock, one sheet of letter stickers, one piece of matching ribbon and a journaling pen. Use these, and only these, elements to make your next masterpiece. This will force you to keep it simple!

* To get you started, go pick up a new idea book and copy one of the simpler designs that catches your eye. This may inspire you to create more than one.

* Look in the Scrapjazz gallery at artists like KarenB, Klem, Kristi1229 or Becky in ID and draw inspiration from their ability to perfectly mix simple with sophistication flawlessly.

* Force yourself to leave it simple, even when you feel you NEED to add a little ink here or a little paint there to finish it off.

* Look through a non-scrapbooking magazine for simple inspiration in advertisements. The best advertisers in the business know that sometimes less is more.

You don’t have to adopt the clean-line style as your main method, but using it every once in a while may help you put the focus back on your photos and journaling. You never know, trying it out might just rejuvenate your love of scrapbooking.
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