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I am a huge fan of layering. this layering technique with scraps and even photos sounds awesome! Wish I could post the sample pages bc they are really cute and also interesting. I might try this with my scraps tonight.

Tutor Tips - A Scrapbooking Ezine
June 22, 2005
Issue # 114

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Layer Upon Layer
by Lindsay Teague

Every once in a while, I’ll be sitting at my desk, ready to scrapbook, and the page ideas just won’t come to me. It’s so frustrating to have the desire to create a great work of art with my pictures or paper and yet, not be able to complete a project because my “mojo” has temporarily checked out. When this happens to me, I have found a great way to give my creative juices a kick start---layering.

The Process

I always start with a sheet or two of cardstock as my background and then I gather up all the patterned paper I can find that will match or complement my photos. (This is a great way to use some of those scraps you’ve been saving.) I cut my patterned paper into squares or rectangles that are totally random in size. I then start piling one over the top of the other so that little pieces stick out under the photo or other patterns.

Once my layers are down, I usually shift them around to find just the right “shape” and then I start adhering them. By the time I start adhering them, I’ve completely forgotten that I was idea-less in the first place and my creative brain just starts to take over. Some of my favorite pages were spawned from this simple layering technique.

Beyond Paper

After your first attempt at going overboard on the layering of patterned paper, you might find that you really like the new “look.” Now is the time for you to toss a few new items into the layering technique. Here are a few things that are easily layered for a totally hip and totally unique look:

* Alpha Stickers - Overlap the edges of the letters so that the word completely runs together.

* Transparencies - It’s a really neat look when you have two or more transparencies with completely separate images or objects on them, layered on a page. This is a great way to give that artsy look to your layout.

* Ribbons - Try tying more than one style or color of ribbon on your page together rather than separately.

* Flowers - This is one of my favorite techniques. Allow just the edges of the flowers to peek out from behind a photo or another flower.

* Paints - Layering paints is a classic way to give your page a unique and fresh look.

* Chipboard accessories - Try overlapping the edges of some of the new chipboard pieces on your next page.

* Photos - Try overlapping the edges of your photos more than you normally would for a neat way to add more space to your layout.

The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to layering. It can be done with pretty much any embellishment or piece that you can think of. Hopefully layering will help you get out of your next scrapbooking funk!
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